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For any occasion, using a celebrant means you can have a truly bespoke event. There doesn't have to be a time limit or structure dictated by anyone else. A gathering that is personal and appropriate for you.  I hope I can  give you the chance to celebrate your relationships and lives the way you want to, and create a magical event.

Information on some of the classic ceremonies

Imaginative ceremonies

Memorable moments

A personal touch

Final Farewells

Its all about Love


There is no right or wrong way.  From traditional to the unconventional, I look forward to helping with all the joyous ceremonies, making  memorable moments. I also hope to share in your memories at more difficult times.  We can work out ways that are personal and can reflect the friend or family you have lost, while celebrating their life. The options for funerals, weddings or any other ceremony are endless, so let's also make them special. 

An Independent Celebrant led event can include any religion or not (unlike registrars or church led occasions). We have no restrictions on time or location. We CAN also work with other officials should you choose.  

The only limitation is your imagination.

For any other ceremony please get in touch.  Prices start from £50.  Your ceremony will always be bespoke, so please contact me to discuss your needs or ideas
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