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If you are sitting comfortably I shall begin.........

I am fortunate to have grown up and live in the most beautiful town of Buxton.  After school and A-Levels, keen to work, I entered retail management. I then became a full time mum to 3 children. Regularly challenged with medical issues during this time, I was still  proactive helping in my community and devoted to my family and friends doing as much I could. My hobbies include keeping fit with my gym buddies and a love of singing, not during ceremonies, fear not. 

Through the years I have been involved in some wonderful happy celebrations and marriages and indeed a couple of lovely funerals. More often however I've left funerals of loved ones feeling  frustrated that the ceremony didn't reflect the person that had died, like someone else was being talked about or even that the deceased has hardly been mentioned. Times when it really should have been a celebration of life, joyous music should have been playing, a string quartet or a steel band, a favourite silly poem read and a dress code to include their favourite colour.  Latterly even at my own Dad's funeral I felt hampered by social expectations rather than having created a wonderful day collecting and sharing more memories (and wearing his infamous bobble hats). We still did this thankfully and managed to incorporate some of his eccentricities. This is when my journey as a celebrant really started.

and its time for change..

Through discussing this topic with professionals and recent training it has become evident that a non reflective funeral doesn't help the grieving process.  I hope to be able to help  change that. In the ideal world I'd like to be able to help society to be more comfortable talking about death and break the taboo. If we did, then when people who know their life is limited can have time spent with loved ones in a more meaningful way, less unanswered questions, worries and stresses. However this certainly will take time. It is the one thing we all have in common, we will all die.  Yes there is sorrow and sadness but I also hope some joy and celebration. 

Weddings and celebrations,

Lets have some fun, let your imagination run wild and allow me to help you find a way to create a great party with meaning. I will spend time to get to know you, support you, write a bespoke and personal script the lead what i hope will be a very  memorable event. I get excited for every celebration, meeting new people and having a small part in crafting the day. There are some amazing mini ceremonies  we can use   but we can also get creative and it is a fun challenge to find ways of creating something really unique, often visual and symbolic just for you.. 

LOVE,  it's what makes the world go round and also what being a celebrant is all about. So many difficulties often lie in modern ceremonies, whatever the occasion, trying to please everyone, traditional expectations, mixing different religions and beliefs but whatever your circumstances I am here to help you. I believe I had the best start being trained by International College of Professional Celebrants, committed to ongoing training and leaders in their field. 

 So this is me and my story.  My job now is to learn your story.

For any ceremony, whether it be a wedding, welcoming a new baby into the family, having a memorial service, a living funeral, commitment ceremony or vow renewal. I hope you feel you can trust me to do my very best.


Please remember in most cases we are only as limited as your imagination.

I look forward to finding out more about you and your family.

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